Monday, June 23, 2008

Administrative & Finance Unit

Miss Na Solida

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Miss Ros Chan Sophea

I have worked for Peace Bridges since 2007 as Associate Administrator and trainee peacebuilder to build networks for peace among youth.

Building peace is so important, including among youth. When I see parents solving their problems by shouting loudly at each other, my feeling is terror and consternation. Even for me, when I had a question I wanted to ask my parents, sometimes I was afraid. And when I heard strong voices, I was afraid and thought I would do something wrong.

But this has inspired me to want to live in a quiet place, a place where it is easy to speak with each other when a problem needs to be solved. When I came to work for Peace Bridges, I felt very happy because my heart has peace. I have opportunities to learn and practice peace education principles and conciliation, mediation, and listening skills. This not only helps me in my work, but I can use the lessons with my family without fear. All of this helps me to mature and develop my future, living at peace in my life and my family.

“Peace is my sunshine and peace makes me happy.”


In addition to working as Peace Bridges' Associate Administrator, Chan Sophea assists in training workshops for community peacebuilders.